This is a new hit in the market of fitness equipment. Many hundred years old eastern technique popular among all strata of people was used when developing this new technology. Its entity was in the trainee’s balancing on hemisphere blocks, and it was widely used because of its prevention and strengthening effect. This balance technique was very popular in east asian cloisters, homes and especially in marshal arts schools as means to keep the slim line, upright figure and the whole body muscles development.

First steps

Sit down on the chair and tighten the fixing belts on your shoes with firm sole with the help of dry zips. Stand up carefully and stretch forward your shrugged arms with your feet supported with your toes or your heels and the balance hemispheres at the same time. Balancing in that stable position, try to make your first step on the Balance Step. After tiding your initial fear take heart to make several small sized steps one by one, if succeed means you win. That basic motion on the Balance Step will later develop into a highly effective exercise. After a certain time you will gain confidence, loose fear of downfall, and the exercise with Balance step will become an everyday routine for you. You can knee-bend on the Balance Step, or side steps, or you can try all kinds of dance steps. You can even attempt to one of the most difficult exercises – balancing on one place without moving your feet on the pad. If you would like, for instance, to endure balancing on the Balance Step without touching the floor with your shoes, you would need to make the muscles of your whole body working hard. It is very important when using the Balance Step steadily to improve your ability to shift gently the load from one hemisphere to another without a needless spoiling that marvelous feeling by supporting with the edge, the toe or the heel of your shoe. After getting the necessary confidence you can try to keep balancing in different poses, for example, as a surfer on a sea wave, or as a skier dashing downhill. You can try any other exercise according to your own idea. Everything depends just on your own fantasy. Good luck!

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