This is a new hit in the market of fitness equipment. Many hundred years old eastern technique popular among all strata of people was used when developing this new technology. Its entity was in the trainee’s balancing on hemisphere blocks, and it was widely used because of its prevention and strengthening effect. This balance technique was very popular in east asian cloisters, homes and especially in marshal arts schools as means to keep the slim line, upright figure and the whole body muscles development.

The figure shaping

The Balance Step is supposed to be most widely used in shaping of ones strong and beautiful bum and of long and slender legs for ladies of all ages. After a short-term course of exercise you will become familiar with Balance Step and gain the confidence, get rid of downfall fear and the exercise on the Balance Step will become an everyday routine for you. After this you could hardly mention any reason against using the Balance Step when ironing, home work or even when walking out with your dog. A feeling of a pleasant fatigue of your muscles that you will have the next day after the exercise will make you certain that you have done something really important and effective for your good shape.

Effective exercise equipment

Balance Step is an ideal auxiliary exercise device for all tennis players, football players and other athletes, which intend to improve their running to the ball with short and quick steps. Also sprinters use the Balance Step to develop their step rate. Ballet dancers also use the Balance Step for strengthening the whole body muscles. It is obviously true that the Balance Step may be used in all sports. It is better for the effective exercise to place the balance hemisphere in the front section of your shoe. The closer is the device placed to the toe the more difficult and effective becomes the exercise.

Prevention and rehabilitation of motion apparatus

If moving the hemisphere down to the mid of your foot along its axis, you would have a real east asian balance device that produces a highly preventive and curative effect on the deep back muscles around the backbone as well as on the astragal and knee joints. When listening to beautiful music and to make short steps balancing in its rhythm, you will realize that you response to it, and after a short five-minute exercise you will regain the energy and the taste of life.

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